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Bee Keeping Equipment

I used to be very active in the Mecklenburg Bee Keepers Association.  I kept as many as 20 hives and even took them to the mountains for Sourwood honey.  I have had my hives in storage for a long time and gave some equipment including my extractor to a nephew.

I now need to get rid of all of it.  Below are some photos of the hive bodies and supers.  Most of them have frames in them. These frames were set in my warehouse (shop) and the wax has been consumed.  The frames need some cleaning and new wax.

Some of the hive sections are homemade and some Dadant (I think).  Most can be made serviceable.  Bottom boards seem to be gone but do have several metal covered wooden top covers.  I also have a 50 gallon honey storage tank that is heavy steel and painted with food grade epoxy.  There is a moloassas gate that opens to deliver the honey. 

honey tank2013-09-26_14-59-13_72

Frame Parts

I counted the pieces

      Top Bars                 57ea

      Bottom rails             37ea

      Side Bars Short        258ea 

      Long Side Bars          75 ea

      Steel rails                    38ea

      Steel rails with spacing       14

    honey frames9052

    I also have hive Supers and Hive bodies below

I have this equipment at 3521 Monroe Road. If you want to see it, please give me a call

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