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Cankerworms 2017/2018

If you are just visiting this page, you might want to first look at Cankerworms 2007-2008 I gave a fairly detailed program about cankerworms, and then wrote up most of the text for this web site. What you see directly below goes back to the first of the year (2012).  If you want to see what happened earlier, go back to the Cankerworm 2011 in the sidebar to the left.  The  link on the left for 2016 goes all the way back to 2010 as one long posting.  Since it is there, I will just leave it, but my intention is to include current information about cankerworms on the specific page for the year or dates indicated.

  Jack McNeary

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Will get the data back soon.  Today is May 24, 2018.  All info about recent  cankerworm activity is on main page.  It has been a very strange year with drought and severe cold affecting the cankerworm migration.  Go to Home page

December 17, 2017 Sunday