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Cankerworm data sheet

Tracking the cankerworm migration did not start off as a planned project for me.  Like most things in Nature, I thought they would be here a season or so and then the population would collapse.  What I have tracked pretty accurately is in the spread sheet below.  Lately I have been trying to predict what the season will be like. 

It seems logical to assume that the severity of the fall migration should predict what the spring hatch will be.

Likewise if we have low volumes in the spring that should predict what the fall bands will trap.   That does not seem to be working.  An example would be the large tree in my front yard has been properly banded for over 10 years.  One would think that we would see a lessening of cankerworms but every year it has had a high volume.

Some worms will blow in during the spring hatch, and others will climb up the trunk to feed.  The latter point being one of the main reasons to keep your traps on until the spring hatch is over.

I have always liked this photo  In Spring 2007, someone on Lilac Road captured thousands of cankerworms going back up the trees to feed on emerging buds and leaves.

Cankerworm Migration Spread Sheet



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