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Fly Tying Class 2016/2017
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Currently fly Fishing is at the top of my list of things I enjoy.  I learn something every time I go to the water.  I enjoy tying flies and it’s more fun catching fish on a fly that you tied yourself.  Also on popular rivers the bigger fish see the same flies hundreds of times a day, and some of us believe that a variation or something new will get more strikes than the same old patterns.

Zeke and I about 10 years ago decided that we would like to fish in some of the famous places one hears about.  We have fished in Alaska, Montana, More Montana Photos

(Henry’s Fork) , More Henry’s Fork photos and

South Holston in Tennessee June 20-24 2013 

 Jackson River in Virginia,

 Stauton River also in Virginia.

Escatawba Farms  Covington Virginia

Roanoke River at Salem Virginia

Additional Link is the fly tying page.