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Are Insects Eating Up Your Waterlilies?

Some years ago I observed something eating the foliage on the new emerging leaves of some of my water lilies.  The leaves were riddled with holes and as soon as a new leaf got started, it too would be eaten.  I felt that if this continued, the waterlily would never mature.

What it turned out to be was a type of midge.  I took my finger under the leaf and would simply run it against the leaf.  On my wet finger tip I would see this little opaque worm about  1/8th of an inch long writhing about.  At the moment I do not know what midge it is but know there is plenty of aquatic life in pond water.  The plant in question was in a 1 gallon pot inside a lotus container.  Once started and thriving, my plan was to be  moved it to a pond for continued growing.

I dosed it with potassium permanganate at about 10 ppm and the midges were still there.  I then treated it with what I figured was 25 ppm more or less and still no elimination of the midge worms.

Finally I used a little dylox and all kinds of critters came to the surface in a day or so.  The total water volume as probably 20 gallons.

All of the above treatment was done in April of 2009.  I will let you know what happens over the next several weeks.  Photo coming.



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