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You Don't Know Where You Are Going Until You Know Where You Have Been.


Pond pages
Koiphen   Excellent site about all things related to keeping Koi.
Aqua Art  Good supplier with helpful information

Water gardening
Water Gardening International  If you like water lilies and lotus, check this out.

How to keep your home environmentally safe!
www.doyourpart.com    This site developed by Terri Bennett a local well know meteorologist

www.greeniam.org  Here is a site that will help you evaluate your home so that it is safe. Also helpful tips on making your own household cleaners.

Favorite News Site
 www.propublica.org   This is an investigative news site and does a lot with environmental issues.  They have published some 125 articles on Fracking alone.  You will see references to Propublica on this site.




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