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Equipment Page      Vehicles and other equipment for sale  See details by going to the links below:  Some of the items are not linked, only the ones in blue will take you to the appropriate page.

1976 Datsan 280 Z   Great car ... been inside now for 8 years.

GMC Sonoma   Runs Great  see photos  Inside shop for last 6 years

Kabuto Tracto with bucket and back hoe   ( See photos)

Ryan Ride Air

Hodges Stump Machine

***********Vehicles below have been sold as well as some others not listed ***********************

1971 Ford Bucket Truck   Holan 1974 50 ft Bucket    Sold

1977 Ford pickup truck  Has good pipe and ladder rack on top.       Sold

1986 Chev Truck  Flat bed          Sold
3521 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone: 704.618-6214

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