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My wife and I raced sailboats for many years.  This particular boat was built by Jack Helms in 1962.  I believe Jack was a cabinet maker and got interested in sailing.  Now the boats are fiberglass, but back in the 1960’s they were all made of wood and some by individual sailors. Some of the wooden boats are still around and racing.

I have not sailed or raced in ten or fifteen years and kept my boat in a bay at our office.  My daughter is also a sailor and I have a grandson who is also interested in sailing.  I decided that my boat was too good to just turn it over to someone who was not really a fanatic about sailing as a hobby and the skills to take care of it.

Getting to the point I had the boat parked under a large willow oak and debris was constantly dropping on it making painting the boat under the tree impossible.  Fortunately I have some friends and one had a shop and allowed me to finish my repairs and painting of the deck under a large Canopy.

Y-flyer almost ready for painting (1)

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The tree behind the y-flyer is a mossy cup oak that I planted about 30 years ago.

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