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Partner Chain Saw   the P-85  Early sixties

In the past I have had a lot of power saws (chain saws).  They all were purchased from us when I sold the company except for a P-85  (Partner 85).  This saw is considered an antique now but it should still run and is capable of running a 6 ft bar if I remember correctly.  We purchased this saw for cutting of large stumps close to the ground so a stump machine could remove the stump.

Quite a few years ago the Partner, Husqvarna, and Jonsered were all made on the same assembly line in Sweden.  Many of the saw parts were interchangeable.  As time went on the Partner became a consumer saw and the Husky became a favorite of many workers in the tree maintenance industry.  The Jonsered was a favorite of loggers in several parts of the country.

We liked the Partner in the early years and used many of them.  This P85 was a real workhorse, and there is no reason that this one will not run and perform again.  The saw has a few nicks and bumps, and it was pretty well used.  Because it was big, we did not put the wear on it that we did on many saws we owned which were used hard every day.  The price will be right.  Contact me if you would like.




If you got this far here is a little history of the Parnter.  This is from the web site

At the end of the seventies, all three Swedish chainsaw manufacturers, Partner, Husqvarna and Jonsered, were bought by Electrolux. The new owners decided that Partner from now on was to be marketed solely as a semi-pro and hobby brand.

What that statement means to me is that some of the metal parts were changed out for less expensive and durable parts (ie plastic) since the hobbiest does use the saw that much.
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