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1986 Chevy flat bed truck with Wisconsin VG4D air cooled engine.

This 1986 Chevy Truck has been sold, but the spray rig every year and did a good job especially since the spray season does not run all year long.  The spray rig operates with a Wisconsin VG4D air cooled 37 hp air cooled engine. This is a great piece of equipment still very much in use today.  FMC is the manufacturer of the VG4D motor, and it is used on many high powered spray rigs.  Even though it is old, the parts and servicing personal are available.  This engine is in the range of $5,000 to $6,000 for a new one.  I think the motor is still being produced.  Here is a link to Wisconsin Engines.

There is a Hanney Hose Reel attached and a 300 gallon fiber glass tank.  This would be an ideal truck for someone who wants a functional spray rig but does not want to invest in a brand new pristine piece of equipment.

See photo This is an old one, and I will post some more up to date ones of the motor etc.  This truck ran but the value here is in the spray rig and tank.  A reasonable offer will give you everything.  We used it for spraying shrubbery.


Below are more photos of the spray rig.
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