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About Me

I am an Environmentalist. I try to look at all sides of the picture, but as I have grown older and read more about what is going on in the World, I am very concerned about all the factors that will affect my family in the future.

I spent forty-two years in the tree maintenance business and had a pesticide license until recently since I am retired.  With a world population of over 600,000,000,000 people my extended family will hopefully see 2050 at which time the World population will exceed 900,000,000,000 people.  Many scientist say is all the earth can support 900 billion people.

Yes, climate change is real

We are running out of useful water.

We are polluting the air.

In general we are destroying the environment.

I think all thinking people need to learn more about these issues. 

Therefore the purpose of this web site is to help educate.  I also post things of interest to me such as my hobbies of fly fishing, gardening etc.

I don’t pretend to know all the answers.

My company was small and besides doing extensive tree maintenance work, I was a consulting arborist.  We also installed irrigation systems and had an insect control program.  I believe that we always acted responsibly.  We tried to protect the lland and what lived in it.  I became a bee keeper and had 20 hives at one time.  A number of times we removed bees from trees that we had to work in and found new homes for those bees.

Since retiring, I have become an avid fly fisherman and enjoy tying flies.  I am active with Trout Unlimited.

I am also on a local boards that are concerned about beautifing our neighborhood and city. 

I am concerned about invasive species.

Every day is a learning experience.

Life experiences are a plus ..,  (posted at age 77)

 Charlotte, NC 28207
Phone: 704.618-6214