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Equipment Close Out
Property under Contract and Sold

          I have posted approximately 100 photos.
We have finished the Tag Sale
  Read below and Move on to the yellow links

Well, we got through Saturday’s and Sunday’s sale, but we did not do very well.
We did not have near the number of people we expected.

I have now remove many photos, but you should still get a pretty good
idea of what we have.

We still have things for sale and I have removed the photos of the things that we have sold.  Email me if you are interested in any of the remaining items.

I sold my primary business in 2007 and have just sold the property (march 8, 2018).  There are some items that I still have but they are not located on the Monroe Road peoperty.

Email is


Click the Yellow Links in the l
3521 Monroe Road
Charlotte, NC 28207
Phone 704-618-6214

eft sidebar to view the Photos .


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