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Jumping Jack Flash
The Fly

At our December meeting  in 2015 or 2016 for the Rocky River Trout Unlimited as we neared the end of one of our fly tying sessions, I suggested that we all tie a very easy fly that took only one material plus thread.

Someone asked what was the name of the fly, and Joe Harris said he knew what it should be called ... Jumping Jack Flash.... and so it was.  I will post instructions here for jjflash.  posted Jan 5,2019  Take a look.

I have caught several different types of fish with the Jumping Jack Flash.  I was fishing in Florida off a pier at night and caught a Look Downer.  I later found out The Look Downer is a popular tropical fish for hobbyist.  Most are captured from reefs where cyanide is sprayed over the school and then the fish are scooped up and sold for saltwater aquariums trade.  Apparently 90% of the tropical fish are captured that way. This is not a good thing in my opinion.

I also was fishing on the Rappahannock River in Virginia which is brackish water and caught a number of Perch.  As I recall I also caught several big catfish on the Jumping Jack Flash, but I am told catfish will eat anything.  On a freshwater lake were I often test flies they catch bream, but not any better than lots of other flies.  At this years class 2018 we also tied the same fly and several people told me that they had caught trout with the Jumping Jack Flash.  This fly does have a lot of flash and should do well in clear water or salt water and clear trout water.  I will be experimenting with the Jumping Jack Flash and try it on a jig hook with a heavy bead.

Remember this fly was tied to be easy to tie with few materials.  Part of that was the original size was a number 10 hook.  It can be tied easily from an 18 hook to an 8.  I actually like the size 10 for pan fish and trout.  It has lots of the attributes of a good fly.  Easy to tie, one material after thread and hook.  It has hot spots and a lot of flash.  Pink is a good color.  I think a jig hook and tungsten bead would work well also. 

Here is a newer better photo    In case you missed it    how to tie Jumping Jack Flash

Jumping Jack Flash-1

The fly has two hot spots... one on the tail and the other on the head.  I have not found a really good Florescent Red yet, just working on that too.

Below, I will leave this one up as I took that at our fly tying class and it is out of focus but shows the proportions.  The tail could be trimmed shorter at the tie flying bench or on the water.

jumping jack flash