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More Photos from Montana possibly a few duplicates

Below are some more photos of our Montana trip in 2008.  They are randomly selected with just a few comments.
 Lee McLarn  took the photo below of a Prong Horn Antelope a very unique animal in Idaho.


This entire process happened on our first day out to the water for fishing.  We didn’t it quite all together when we were done either.  Use small cord to hold up the plate that locks in the spare tire.






I really wanted to get a cast or two in the Gallatin River, but the guys insisted we just get some photos. I thought is would be nice to be able to say that I had fished the Gallatin River.  I believe I posted a few on another page, but will repeat it below this photo of the sign.





Lunch time Dana Hershey, Lee McLaren, Jack McNeary, and Zeke Foard


Dana sitting on a distant rock on Fall River in Idaho  (Officially the Middle fork of  the Snake River)


Jack and Craig Matthews of Blue Ribbon Flies.

Blue Ribbon Flies is owned and run by Craig Matthews.  He has been very successful in developing and tying flies and his shop stays busy.  First night there we ate at Sydney’s Bistro in West Yellowstone Montana.


Sydneys Bistro West Jefferson Montana-7327














Dana climbing out of the Madison River I think.  Just added this in 2019 and we went there in 2010.


























Crater Lake
Crater Lake was formed when half of the mountain slid down the hill.  Here is a good reference to the accidence which killed several people.  Here is the link.
















blue ribbon flies Jack & craig matthews-7338

Sunset in Montana

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