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Perdigon Style Flies   (test)

jacks perdigon

The Perdigon style fly is a fly tied on a barbless jig hook.  There is always a tungsten bead preferably slotted so the bead becomes off set which causes the fly to move through the water with the hook pointing upward.

The fly above is not a true Perdigon.  It has a few pheasant tail barbels.  Besides looking better, I think cu de canard barbels are supposed to be stronger and more durable.

A  true Perdigon will use three or four barbels from a cu de canard feather. The materials for the body vary but often include a hot spot made from a thread that is fluorescent.  Hot Red and hot Orange are good colors for hot spots for trout.

Here is an example of a true Perdigon.

Here is an interesting link about color and what fish like: