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We traveled recently (2010) to Paris and Normandy.  While in Paris there were some strikes and some terrorist alerts.  We were up in the Eiffel Tower on September 27, 2010 and the tower was evacuated about two hours after we left.  Fortunately we got away from France the week before things became very inconvenient.

A bright spot is that as we were up in the tower, I saw a worker on the outside of the tower.  We were separated from him by a wire cage.  I stuck my arm through the wire and took about 5 shots of the man.  I was able to see the image for a second or so as the camera reset for the next shot.  My concern was that I get all the body in the photo.

Well it came out well and I decided to enter it in a photo contest.  At some point I will display it here but meanwhile click on this link and you will see it.   This link is gone but here is the photo:

climber8775_edited_full (1)

  3-5-2019 edited

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