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Ponds and Watergardens

The purpose of this page is to help navigate through pages that would fall under the Pond and Watergarden heading. The side bar to the left might be some help. The snap out bars have the titles of most of the pages.  I have left off some of the individual water lily pages, but you will see them as you zero down into water lilies.

Basically, we used to build ponds and watergardens.  They are distinctly different.  With our ponds we bought, kept, raised, and sold koi.  There are lots of koi photos that you will discover if you go into the koi pages.

We raised and sold water lilies and there are things about raising them, fertilizing, tuber sizes and so forth.  We will be adding to those pages.  We did some hybridizing and found that educational and very interesting.  You will find information about water lilies, both tropical and hardy as well as some very good (I think) photos of some lotus we grew.  I still grow lotus and waterlilies on my own time.  Today June 30th, I have some of my favorite plants.  If you want to see what I currently have for sale, check here.

There are several articles that apply to ponds and watergardens.  You will find these under Articles

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