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Home Grown Tomatoes

Nothing beats a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich unless it is the same with onions.  I tend to leave the onions out when I know that I will be in close quarters with others.

Over the years I have grown quite a few heirlooms, but always try to plant Better Boy a Hybrid.  For our area in the south it is a great producer and tends to be disease resistant.  The tomatoes are 2 to 3 inches across but that is the best size in that there is not much waste for the two of us.  Better Boy tends to produce over an extended period.

There are many heirloom tomatoes, but many of them are not much good.  I am in the process of choosing between 8 and 10 of the best heirlooms for planting next year (2012).  I have always liked Cherokee Purple and especially Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter.  It might be because I like the name and story about Mortgage Lifter. They both produce large tomatoes and are very tasty.  I have also grown Rutgers, German Johnson, and Brandywine.  One time I grew a couple of plants of the hybrid Celebrity and was very please with them too.

My quest this year is to be able to grow plants from various Heirlooms so that our garden at the Urban Ministries here in Charlotte will be able to raise plants and sell them at Common Ground.  We have a very good garden at Urban Ministries with excellent soil, full sun, and easy access to water.  All the profits from the produce and in this case small tomatoe plants during the first part of the growing season go back to Urban Ministries.  Urban Ministries supports and feeds approximately 300 people a day.  The garden provide some produce that feed the poor, but it also is training ground and something for the homeless to do which helps boost moral.

My list of Heirlooms is a follows:  I am still refining it.

Black Krimm  always seems to be at the top of the taste test.
German Johnson  This I do not think has quite the flavor I like but it is pink and gets pretty big.
Cherokee Purple   This one does well in the hot red clay south and gets big. Very tasty.
Mortgage Lifter  the story  Gardening (vegetables)If you like tomatoes you need to read this story.
Goldman's  Italian-American Tomato  Amy Goldman found this tomato in Italy.  Go to the link for comments, photograph wonderful and story is an interesting read.  (We grew this in 2012, read about our experiences with it)
Mr. Stripy   This one more for name and appearance.
More to come  need a yellow variety   

See Saving Tomatoe Seeds   simple and easy  not a lot of fuss

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