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You Don’t Know Where Your Going Until You Know Where You Have Been

                                   Hurricane Florence
                                     September 16-18 2018

We were lucky, in that we had winds of around 45 mph at times, and 6.5 inches of rain.  I also got my generator back from the repair shop late the afternoon a day before the storm struck. This was important because my basement floods and it is a real mess and expense to clean up.  I learned a lot about generators that in hind sight is amusing and also a lesson. More on My Generator here.

Photo of how hard it rained below.   xxxx coming

The tree below was one of several that fell on Queens Road West.  It did a lot of damage to the next door home.  There is a very large blue tarp over the entire roof now. October 7th.
Photo # 1


So why did this tree fall. I took several photos and even a close up or two of the root system under ground.  One obvious root just crumbled when I grabbed a handfull of the rotten wood.
Photo # 2 below  img_4050

florence qrw wio cadieu trk 4050


Photo # 3    Handfull of rotten wood.

florence handfill of rotton wood_4053



What is even more disturbing is the close up which I took from a different angle.

florence rotten wood different angle_4057


florence bark of dead roots blackened soil 4058


florence damge home qrw_4062














This willow oak came down during Florence two houses up from where I live.  I believe I saw mushrooms at the base of this tree recently.  Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies and it is an indicator that rot has been going on for some time.

























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