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You Don't Know Where You Are Going Until You Know Where You Have Been.

Climate Change

I believe I wrote this article some time in 2016.  It is now 2020 and I have added to the information below on another article titled Climate change now in 2020.  It is a work in progress.

In some respects climate change is very easy to understand.  Carbon particles, methane gas, and water vapor in the atmosphere trap heat and have caused the atmosphere to expand because the carbon and other small particles absorb heat..   The Earth is about 4 inches larger than it used to be.  That extra volume of air collects water vapor because at the earth heats up there is more evaporation from the oceans and lakes.  This extra water comes down in the form of rain, snow, or hail. 

Unfortunately, for all the species on earth, that precipitation because of the extra heat has changed the flow of ocean currents and the winds in the atmosphere.  The melting glacier, droughts, and violent storms are increasing and that is where we are now. The glaciers are melting from warmer seawater underneath much faster than scientist thought. 

What happens in the future? This to me is the difficulty.  There are not many people talking seriously what will happen in the future.  There are some great minds working on the answers, but they are overwhelmed by politics and Big Money

 There are thousands of people on the internet talking about climate change, fracking, tar sands oil, etc. but the effectiveness of that number is miniscule when compared to the effect of the large energy corporations.  

We Americans are overwhelmed by TV and tend to listen to sound bites.  Before I retired, I did not read much about serious issues because I was always tired at night.  I started the book Undaunted Courage about the Lewis an Clark Expedition in 1803.  I would try to read the book at night and would only get 3 pages or so read before I would put the book down and go to sleep.  I tended to read trade journals and magazine articles. Our business encompassed many trades, tree maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, ponds and water gardens etc.  Each had a trade journal and it was much easier to read the short articles in the magazines.

It is much easier to watch TV or listen to talk radio.  I now have more time to read and understand the implications of what is happening to our world.

All of the issues about our changing World are based on Climate Change.  Water is a constant in our lives, manufacturing, and the air we breath.  On this site I will try to pass on some of the more important information I have learned.  Some people ask me, “Well it is too big a problem, and what can we do as individuals that might make a difference?”  My feeling is that we should all do our part to pass on relevant information.  There is an obligation that people who know should pass on that information to others.  People all over the world need to be aware of the issues.  Hopefully some of you will find this site useful.

A good link to explore is:  Water is Life

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