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Recent studies predicts severe Hurricanes will increase in the future.  For years we could expect two severe hurricanes each fall. Now the prediction is that will have 4 or 5 major hurricanes a year.  NC, SC, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, and Alabama  are States that seem to get most of the hurricanes that clobber the US every season.

During the hurricane season we rarely see major damage inland as we are in Charlotte which is almost a couple of hundred miles from the coast.  Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and Hurricane Florence were different, as was Hurricane Michael which came in after I started writing and updating these pages in September 2018.  I had a first hand look at each of these storms and have some thoughts I would like to share.

Update September 2019 Hurricane Dorian

1.  The first one is that most of the trees that fall in these storms have root decay. Sometimes the decay is up well above the root system, but the majority have decay in the roots.  Couple that with too little space to extend its root system out to or beyond the Drip Zone  or Drip Line creates a dangerous situation.  Refer to to Hillis Drawing below

tree drip zone Hillis diagram_edited-1

I have more to add to these pages.  I have taken lots of photos of various Hurricanes that have affected this part of the country and am going back and adding them to this site.  Thee main purpose is to alert people in general to the severity of root decay which is the main reason these large trees fail.  If you are on the coast and 150 or a lot less mile per hour wind hits your pine tree it will likely snap.  Live oaks are very durable to storms and are consequently some of our older oaks that will live hundreds of years.  White oaks which used to be extremely common in the Charlotte area can live to be 400 years old.  A Willow oak will make it to 100 and on rare occasions when it is well cared for and has ample room for its roots to grow will make it to 200 years old.

2.  Here are some links to Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Florence.  and Hurricane Michael Photos and more...