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Mountain Top Removal

Many people have researched the subject of Strip Mining which in West Virginia and Kentucky has meant the removal of 502 mountains to date July 2011.  Most everyone has heard of Mountain Top Removal and the initials MTR will be used throughout these pages.

Much has been written about Mountain Top Removal, and I would not do justice to the subject if I just started writing because I do not live close enough to West Virginia and Kentucky to have seen the damage first hand.  From the photographs of the mountains and the stories of the people who live there we come away with a view of a technique that is out of control and has destroyed people, their homes and their livelihoods.  Surely there is a better way to extract coal. 

What I have found is that there are many people who have never heard of or don’t know anything about MTR.  In looking for informative sites on the subject I recommend


There are a few facts that stick in my mind from things I have learned about MTR.

We need energy, and at the moment coal is important.    Duke Energy here in Charlotte uses a lot of it to produce the electricity we need.  Surely there is a better way to mine coal that remove 502 mountain to get it.

Where does all that coal go?   One day several years ago I asked a person from West Virginia where did the coal go, and he replied that his brother worked in the coal industry and that 80% of the coal mined in West Virginia went to China.  If that is true, that is pretty alarming.  One thing for sure is that coal is mined in countries all over the world and is the primary source for heating and the production of steel.

There is an interesting document published every year by the coal industry called Coal Facts. ... Coal Facts 2011 being the most current.  For more on coal, look at   Coal.

Here is another good link about Mountain Top Removal.   At first blush it looks like is all about the environment, but if you read it carefully, for instance the part about reclaimation, and you know something about the details you will see a lot of flaws in what is presented.

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