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Copper Mining

There are many copper mines all over the world.  The Kennecott Copper Mine in is in Utah and can be seen from Outer Space.  The mine was opened in 1906 and is 3/4 mile deep and 2 1/2 wide.  It covers over 1900 acres and is the largest man man made excavation in the world.  it is registered as a National Historic Landmark under the name of Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper mine.    National Historic Landmark

The Kennecott Copper Mine is owned by Rio Tinto and here is another less positive slant on the mine.


The http://www.kennecott.com/  link is by the company and post a positive picture of the mine.  This is posted in November of 2011.  There is a six minute video on the site that tells the story of copper.  It is interesting to watch and I think it tells a good overview of the process.  There are some unanswered questions in my mind.  How much dust does the process create?  What happens to the chemicals that are used to extract the copper from the ore.  Are there other harmful products in the extracted ore?  Where does this left over waste (tailings) go?   Is the company doing all it can to keep hazards at bay?  

Below is an older link from 2003 that blast the mine for environmental damage.  That link is



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