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You Don't Know Where You Are Going Until You Know Where You Have Been.

Bristol Bay Alaska .... largest salmon fishery in the world

Where is Bristol Bay and why is it significant?  Bristol Bay is in Alaska and is one  of the largest salmon fisheries in the world.  Salmon are anadromous which means they spend most of their life in the ocean and spawn in freshwater streams.

 There is an area of about 1000 acres above Bristol Bay where gold prospectors have staked claims.  One group from Canada and England called Northern Dynasty Mines is planning to build a very large gold mine in this area called the Pebble Mine.

The holding dam for the tailings for the Pebble Mine will be deeper than the three Gorges dam in China.

There has been much written about the Pebble mine, but most people on the east coast do not know much about Alaska.

Like many issues, there are those that say this will be a blessing for the Alaskans.  There will be new jobs, etc.

Keep in mind that the mining industry around the world has created some of the worst disasters we have ever seen.  What typically has happened is that the owner of the mine decides that things are not going well and closes the doors or declares bankruptcy.  At that time that the local people and we the taxpayers end up paying for clean up.

Many gold mines in the United States which were worked in the 1800’s are still polluting.  In fact this link goes into the types of damage modern open pit mining can create. http://www.bristolbayalliance.com/record_of_destruction.htm

Make up your own mind.

Read and see what the owners, Northern Dynasty Mines Inc. say:


Then take a look at what the Bristol Bay Alliance has to say.


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