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Rainbow Warrior


The Rainbow Warrior by Lance Egan behaves much like many other flies in that it is often tied on a jog hook with a tungsten bead and sinks fast.  There are not many legs or fur to slow it down. 

My best experience with fishing the rbw was on ???? up at the handicap viewing station.  It just so happens that there is a big bolder right in from of the viewers and anyone who has fished would think it would be good holding area.

My friend Lee and I were fishing on the ??? and I started down stream and worked up to the viewing station about 45 minutes after we started fishing.  Lee had been fishing that big bolder the entire time and either caught nothing or a small trout or two.

I had on a single fly, the Rainbow Warrior, and cast upstream from the bolder.  As expected, it sank rapidly and on the second cast I hooked on to a large trout.  Lee came to watch and I think was impressed.  We had no camera so did not get a photo, and it took me some time to get the fish in.  I am sure it 18 inches which is immaterial  because the point was I caught the fish after the area had been thoroughly fished.