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Water Issues

I have been interested in water issues for a long time.  I formalized my studying of them in 2007 when I retired and sold my business that that I had run for 42 years. I am sure I focused on the western states because I enjoy fly fishing and have been out West to fish. I choose this ugly brown color as a background because SILT is probably one of the greatest problems that affects dams around the World.

I have been making presentations about water for several years to small public groups and focused on issues that the general public seems to be unaware.  There are many articles about these things on the Internet, but it takes a good bit of time to research.  Now that I have been doing that I can safely say most of the things that I read about such as the drought out west or floods in various parts of the US, Fracking, or the Colorado River are subjects that with which I am pretty familiar.

What has prompted me now to start to fill in data on these pages is because some of the mainstream media is beginning to focus.  A good example is what I read in the Charlotte Observer today by Ted Koppel.( Oct 29 2015) He is saying that we as individuals are not prepared for a major disruption of our cyber infrostucture.  He refers to Banking, Electrical Power Systems and Water.  Electical Power and Water go hand in hand.  70% of the electricity generated by hydopower dams is used to pump water.

A good example is Las Vagas Nevada,  They have dipped the “third straw” as it is called to just above the Dead Pool area behind Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell.  As the water level continues to decrease, the head of the water over the lake intakes decreases and the pumps for the turbins can not operate as fast and will encounter cavitation problems if the water level goes even lower.  What this means is that there will not be enough electricity generated to power new pumps that need to be installed to move water through the third line to Las Vagas.  Cost to build a pumping station will be   ????


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