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A Goshiki is a five colored koi. In this case, this fish is not finished and will either be a Goromo or a Goshiki..  This is a magnificent fish.  The white is dramatic, and the pattern is filling out on the red scales.

The photo to the left,  Goshiki Photo 1, was taken about six months ago, and the black netting scales on the shoulders is not fully formed.  

In Photo 2 further below shows the same fish about 6 months later.   Note that the scales have considerably more netting and certainly places this koi in the Tatigoi range.  I moved the fish to my larger pond because I had space limitations in the Long Pond.  There is a little yellowishness on the head and pectoral fins which is not accurate due to my photography skills or lack thereof..  The koi is just as white as in the first photo.

When I first really observed this fish about a year ago, I saw these blackish specks starting to appear on the red and thought this Kuhaku looks like it is headed for trouble.  Little did I know what a beautiful fish was in the making.

If the dark scales migrate out to the white which it appears is happening in Photo 2, then this becomes a Goshiki.

I no longer have this fish, but it was one of my favorites.

I think this is a very special koi.

This koi was about 20 inchs long.

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