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The article below was written many years ago.  As I recall, Blackjack was a fairly young dog then but now is 14 plus and having difficulty walking.

The Pond Dog

I have finally gotten back to this part of the Seasonal Information page to what is really a hobby for me. As a business we install ponds, but our office pond has about 50 Koi (mostly) in it, and they are my pets. Between Backjack my pond dog and also our office watch dog we take care of things.

Now speaking of Blackjack (who by the way has his photo on one of these pages) I have a story to tell. We raise plants and have fish to sell for the clients who have us install ponds for them. We do not encourage walk in traffic because our office is not set up for it. I do enjoy showing off our fish so if someone wants to look around we are happy to take them on a short tour.

The layout is one 6000 gallon pond, 2 feet deep in one end, and 4 feet deep in the other. It is rectangular, and near it is a large bog garden and above ground containers that serve as plant containers as well as hospital tanks and occasionally small breeding tanks. There are about 6 round Lireo tanks ranging from 50 to 300 gallons.

Recently one of my pretty butterfly Doitsu (scaleless)Koi acquired an abrasion on the side. It must have bumped into something so I was concerned about aeromonas bacteria infecting the wound, and I put her in one of the 300 gallon hospital tanks. I have a net over the top because I learned a very important lesson that whenever you stress koi in any way like moving from one environment to another they will jump. A net is imperative because eventually if you do not have a net, one of your fish will jump out.

So about a week after moving this koi to the 300 gallon tank I was cleaning out some waste on the bottom. It was about 8:00 AM and since things looked pretty good, and the fish seemed quite content, I left the cover off figuring I would be around and would probably be back down in about an hour to feed the other fish in the large pond.

About 10:30 Blackjack came in the office from outside. It was warm and we leave the office door open so he can come and go. I had not seen him for an hour or so, and he came in, I presumed to get a milk bone which I have in the bottom of my desk. He seemed a little agitated so I scratched him behind the ears and hugged him. I smelled fish, fresh fish and not like he had been rolling in some old decayed mess as some dogs and even Blackjack is prone to do.

I jumped up and ran outside, and sure enough the Doitsu was thrashing about on the ground and was still wet. She had only been there a few moments, and my fine dog came in to tell me that one of my fish was in trouble and had done something she was not supposed to do. As I write this on a Saturday morning Blackjack has just come in for his forth milk bone and is busy alternately resting near me and running outside to chase some crows that are making a racket outside. Some of you who keep fish are bothered by herons and raccoons.

Backjack seems to recognize pets from other wildlife. Norm and Bailey the two cats at home get along with Blackjack just fine; but he loves to run up to the fence and harass a black and white stray cat that moves along the outside of our fence here at the office.

Blackjack is a great Pond Protector, and if you would like to see his picture click here. Blackjack               3521 Monroe Road           Charlotte, NC 28205
    Telephone 704-618-6214        E-Mail   jack(removethis)