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After several years  (2008)I have koi again.  Many were bred here but some of the larger ones came from Quality Koi in New Jersey.I moved my koi to the above-ground pond because it is easier to catch the fish and show them to people who come to visit.  The photos and text below are about the koi I had prior to 2007.  Enjoy the photos.

The photos and comments below are of my pond several years ago. Many of these fish have gone to other homes but I still have some nice fish to sell. If you would like to look at the koi I have now (August 2011) then click here.

Directly below is a general shot of our 6000 gallon koi pond.  This pond has been here for 22 years and is over stocked.  If I had half the fish in it, they would grow larger.  As it is the largest are about 28 inches long.  Many of the photos below were posted in March of 2009.


Mistress is her name because she has had several partners and she is about 18 inches long. This butterfly koi is the female that I have bred for about ten years.  I usually mate her with Andy who I will show on another photo.  Andy has big bushy eyebrows like Andy Rooney and is the son of the Original Andy who happened to be female. 



In 2006, I wrote and article for Pond Keeper Magazine which is now called Pond and Garden Lifestyles.  The article was published, and I included the photos posted below.  Please refer to this link if you would like to read the entire article. The koi below is called Mistress, as mentioned above, and she is the female that I mate to every year for the past ten or so years.  Her primary mate is Andy, who with the large eyebrows, is named for Andy Rooney.  Andy’s photo is below also.


Below are some shots taken March 20th of the pond. I have focused on some of the fish since I took the photos as they swam by.  We like butterfly koi as you will see from some of these photos.


Especially nice kujaku.


Very clean head on this yamabuki ogan.


The black and white butterfly koi is one of my favorites.  I hope he gets a good home.


Group shot across main pond.


Yamabuki Ogan Butterfly Koi    That is an air bubble on her right side behind fin.

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