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More Koi-2

Below is a photo taken in March 2009 of the koi in the main pond.  Some of them have been moved to our long pond, but this will give you an idea as to what we have that are going to sell.  This photo is taken at the waterfall which is on the left.  The full width here is eleven feet which should give you an idea.  Many of the koi do not show because of their colors being a little darker or being under the foam of the waterfall..  For instance I have a number of  black butterfly koi that are 24 or more inches long.  These koi you would not see at all in this photo.  The largest fish (Yamabuki Ogan) is about 27 inches although I have not measured it recently.


Below is a very striking fish.  This koi was in excess of 20 inches long and because of the contrast in black and white, caught everyone’s attention.

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