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Kujaku in Japanese means Peacock.  No one has told me this, but a few years ago at a koi show I was impressed with a large Kujaku pictured below.  When I enlarged the photo, each scale has a darkened outer edge that looks like the famous ABC Peacock symbol less the colors.  When these fish are large, they are gorgeous.

It is also important that the white be dynamic and the pattern be uniform.

Directly below is a photo to demonstrate the Peacock like scales and below is a large Kujaku.  As I recall it was about 20 inches long.


I took this photo at a the PKWS show on 2006.  It was a show stopper as far as I was concerned.  The photo below is the same fish but just shows the entire body.  Compare it to the one that I used to own in the photograph below.


The Kujaku in the upper right of this photo was one of my favorite koi.   This koi was about 10 inches long, and I wish I still owned it.
but I sold it several years ago. (now 2012) 


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