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Elephants on the Move
These elephants were moving up the road, and eventually made it across a shallow area to the island where the parents gave the baby elephants a mud bath.  Then they came to the main body of water and drank water as well as posed for those of us who were in a boat taking photos.

Elephants on the move advancing_0106


elephants closer still_0114


Elephants coming across_0119

Crossing the pond.

elephants two toned_0142



Elephant entering water_0105

A little splashing


ellephants playing_0227

And then playing seemed to be part of the routine.


elephant mud bath 199

The brown color on the skin is a dust or dirt bath and keeps the insects from bothering the elephants and also protects them from the sun.  When the baby elephant is napping, the mother will often shade the baby from the sun



I liked this shot, this elephant came right at us and really stirred up the water.  I think he was just a young elephant and just showing off.


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