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Lions and Leopards


We saw lots of lions. They traveled in groups or Prides which I think is the official name.


Baby Lion

lion baby_0401


Female close to us.  Jan got real excited.  The lion was very close to safari vehicle, one could reach out and touch her.

lion female close to us-IMG_0021


Lion: this old fellow has been through some fights.  Look at his ear and around his eye.

Lion Beatup close to truck_0071


Lion: Seeing eyeball to eyeball.

Lion eyeball to eyeball _0025


Female lion

lion female impressive_0048


Another male Lion, he looks healthier than the Impressive one.

Lion male xyz_0053


Lion head shot...he is the same one with the banged up ear.

lion male_0014


Female and two cubs.

lion mama maybe_0403


Three young lions

lions 3 young_0081


Lion Stud



Leopard back from a busy morning of hunting.  She was not interested in us at all.



Leopard sleeping in a tree



Leopard in tree looking our way.

taken by Lydia with cell phone




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