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Giraffes are very interesting.  With their prehensile tongues they are able to eat the new tender leaves of the Acacia trees.  After the new growth starts up again, they can then come back to the same tree for another meal.  Giraffes in the wild can be quite dangerous.  They can swing that neck around and that seems to me that is like someone hitting you with a telephone pole.

Like most animals, female giraffes are protective of their children, and for that reason one needs to be very careful of getting too close when the mother and offspring are together.

Giraffe feeding  on Acacia_0104

They seem so graceful.  Amazing that they can eat the tender foliage of the Acacia Trees.

Giraffe feeding_0164


The two knobs on top of the head are call ossicones which when the giraffes are young, are soft, but turn to bone as they mature.  This added weight allow the giraffe to use his head as a weapon and a blow from this head can kill a person or sometimes another animal.

Giraffe full view_0173



Giraffe neck_0166

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