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You Don't Know Where You Are Going Until You Know Where You Have Been.

Below is a short rundown of how we got to today.

I have a degree in Botany and graduate work in Forestry.  After serving in Turkey with the USAF in the early 60’s, I worked with a national tree company for three years and then started my own tree service.  I operated that business, McNeary’s Arborists Inc. for 42 years.  Over a period of time, besides tree work,  we got involved in irrigation, and landscaping.  In the landscaping department, I got very interested in koi ponds and watergardens. I had a web site that was called Arborman.com but had to release that when I sold the company.

We installed many ponds and raised many fish.  We also purchased koi from Blackwater Creek Koi  and Quality Koi.  We also raised a few of our own, mostly butterfly koi.  A few years before we sold our business, I decided to focus on retail sales of koi and pond equipment.  We were beginning to get a lot of traffic when we consummated the sale.  We sold our business to Bartlett Tree Expert Company which interesting enough is the company I started with in the tree business in1967.  I worked out of the Rockville Maryland office and moved to Charlotte which was my home town and ran their operation here for three years.  Eventually I went off on my own.

Since retiring from the tree industry, I am still involved in a number of organizations all of which are of interest to me.  I am sure that some of the things I am interested in, others are also.  I will write about some of these interest which means I need to occasionally do some research which in turns helps with my education.  One of my areas of interest is photography and hopefully, I can illustrate some of these discussions with photos.

It is my wish that you find something of interest.  I also have become very concerned about the damage we are doing to our environment worldwide, and I hope that some of the pages here will shed some light on these issues.

jack mcneary

 Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone: 704.618-621