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Sanke_mpaap 5337


We really like the color of this fish.  The white is intense and there is some sumi showing on the back at the end of the dorsal fin.  There is also the black area on the tail.

The white is intense and we like the way it goes around behind the eye.  The red is pleasing and this fish is a eye catcher.

Below is another photo of the same fish that shows the other side (left side).

The little bit of sumi coming in now will fill in more and just add to the beauty of this koi.

This fish is 19 inches long.


Sanke mpaap 5341


This Ginrin Sanke is 15 inches long and came from Quality Koi.  As it continues to grow the black will come up and not overpower the fish.

Also I will post another photo of this fine koi to try to show off the matallic (ginrin) scales.

Price    Not determined yet.


mpaap 3355


To the left, this Sanke is 18 and 1/2 inches long.  It was bred by Quality Koi and we have had fish since November 2006.

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