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Date January 22, 2018

I sold my primary business in 2007 however still have a great deal of equipment  left over from the various types of business we did.  We have tree service items. For the landscaping we have fertilizer, shovels, saws (both hand and power saws and more.  Follow the Yellow links to the left to look at the photos and in many cases description of the item.  There are many items that are not listed yet and some will not be listed at all

 In our pond and watergarden deparment we probably have more items.  We have several external pond pumps and internal pumps also, bottom drains, plant containers, water lilies,  lotus, pond plants.

If you care to follow the blue side bar on the left or go below for links to items that are available now.  Other items will be added.   Also go to these links for live Waterlilies and Lotus  and Watergardens.

Also on the right is a List of items in the blue navigation table.

As you will note in some of the links there is no information.  I am in the process of photographing the articles and adding them to this section of the web site.  If you have a question email me please.

Equipment Close Out

These are some of the items we have here for sale.  This list is not in order.

A good old Computer
Antique Bicycle
Tree climbers (hooks)
Antique telephone
Antique Ship compass
PDA  old Palm pilots

Savio Compact Skimmer
Pondmaster Pumps
Performance Pro Pumps
Koi Butterfly
Gram Scales
Bottom Drains
Computer Desk
Short Wave Radio Tower
Vanguard 16 hp Generator

Also see pond inventory



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