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Equipment and lots of Stuff for Sale
Equipment Close Out

I sold my primary business in 2007 however still have a great deal of equpment for the pond and watergardens.  Also Because I have spent several years overseas in Turkey, I have some other items that are unusual.  As an example I have a number of old telephone that I acquired in 1962.  These telephones date back to the early 1900s. They are not replicas.

Follow the side bar on the left or go below for links to items that are available now.  Other items will be added.   Also go to these links for live Waterlilies and Lotus  and Watergardens.

Also on the right is a List of items

As you will note in some of the links there is no information.  I am in the process of photographing the articles and adding them to this section of the web site.  If you have a question email me please.

As of January 1, 2014, some of the items listed below have been sold.  GMC Sonoma and 280 Z are still available.  Radio Tower is available.  Old telephones are available.

If you missed it, This special Sale also post on Craigs list from Jan 4, to noon Jan 12, 2014 is posted here  check for photos.



    Pond and Water Garden Stuff
    Pond and WaterEquipment    I have a lot of pond equipment such as skimmers, bottom drains, PVC fittings etc.

    Motor Vehicles    
    GMC Sonoma    must see photos

  • 280 Z
    1976 280 Z

    Power tools
    Power Tools  gasoline and electric


    Short Wave Radio Tower
    Radio Tower

    Antique Telephones


These are some of the items we have here for sale.  This list is not in order.

A good old Computer
Tree climbers (hooks)
Antique telephone
Antique Ship compass
PDA  old Palm
Partner P85 chain saw
Savio Compact Skimmer
Pondmaster Pumps
Performance Pro Pumps
Koi Domestic Select
Koi Butterfly
Gram Scales
Cement Mixer
Computer Desk
Short Wave Radio Tower
Vanguard 16 hp Generator

Also see pond inventory
3521 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone: 704.618-6214

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