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You can contact me now by email ( if you are interested in any of
these items or those in the Tree and Landscape Page(left side bar).  I will soon be having
 a Tag Sale for the remainder of the items.  The way that will work is that I will be open on a Saturday and have a price on each item or groups of stuff.  The next day will be a Sunday,
 and all items that did not sale previously will be at a reduced rate sometimes negotiable.

Item 004  Various Tanks from 30 gallon Lotus tubs to 50, 100, and 300 and one 600 gallon
 (need to above ground fish tanks.  I will post these containers individually soon.

containers various


Item 005  small pond filter (no Pump) $20.00
This small filter is probably pretty effective for a 300 or 400 gallon pond.  It will require
 frequent cleaning.



006 Box Filter 

green filter 1 of 2 

I actually have  paste

007 Savio Skimmer   new never used

I posted information about the Savio skimmer several years ago.  Look Here Savio

008 Savio Pump  New never used, with manual etc.
retail $237.00, now $175.00.

savio pond master pump with brochure


009  Little Giant Pump Model ???  $25.00

Pump little Giant

This small pump works well for garden fountains.  We used it to transfer water to our 1800 gallon pond and also water lily containers.

0010 Little Giant Pond Pump  Model PMO-950  $100.00
this lgp is new

pump pmo-950


0011  UV Light Housing  Silver Color
UV light silver and Pondmaster aireator



0012 Pondmaster Aireator  Used but works great.

UV silver & Pondmaster air

The Aireator is on the shelf 3/4 back on the Green Veggie Filter of the pond.  The grey rectangular box is the  power for the UV.  Note the bubblies from the Aireator.

copy text later

0013 Green Fiberglass Veggie Filter
I have two of these filters and they are made of very thick heavy duty fiberglass.  There is on name on the box itself but I think I might have the manufacturer’s name in my files.  These are referred to as gravity filters.

green filter tanks 2 ea


0014  Hudson Auto Fill Cuttoff Valve  Retails 41.65
Selling now $18.00





0015  Several Pumps.  I will show separately after I dust them off.

pumps 4 ea


0016 Working Pump used clean out water lilies from
their container.  January 29, 2018

pump working kenny


0017 1 inch Flex PVC Tubing ... full roll never used but a little dusty.

PVC 1 inch flexable roll

0018 Carefree Pond Products  Bioseed for filters and ponds.





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