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Tree and Landscape Equipment
 from 42 years in business
  It all has to go in the near fuure in the next few weeks

Location is my old office at 3521 Monroe Road,  McNeary’s Arboris Inc.  The location is 3 blocks   closer to town then the intersection of Monroe Road and Eastway Drive.  In other words if you are   heading toward town the property is on the right across the street from AutoZone and next to a body    shop (Accent Auto Body and Paint).  Fugate Street is next to the body shop and goes down to        Independence Blvd.

If you have questions, you can email me at

Or you can call me at 704-618-6214

The blue links on the left will take you to other parts of the website which might or might not be            active.  I sold the main part of this business in 2007 so some of the links are old. There are some            very good photos of some of our koi, Lotus  and water lilies from the past.


Tree and Landscape Equipment for sale

Item 001  Polan Power Saw  This is a big one.  The bar is 6 ft ???? long, and we bought this new
 and     used it when we had very large trees to remove.  Nothing was wrong with it when we hung
 it up on the wall so it probably will run.

Price $575.00  

   Polan long bar


Item 002   Saw Mill blades  The larger blade came from an old Belsaw sawmill which we used to
cut nstruction stakes on rainy days.  We ran it off of an old 22 hp electric motor.  This blade
 measures ??? 48 and has teeth that can be replaced.

The second blade to th right measures 30 inches by and really is an old one.  I came with the
old bellsaw from 1922 and has what are called swedged tooth blades in it.  Here is a close up
 picture of the actual teeth.

I also have the original swedging tool which is in the other photo.

Blaces $350.each



Item 003  Fanno Tree Saw Model #         $25.00

fnno pruning hand saw in treesaw  

 Fanno Tree Saw   These were the best we could buy in the day.  Fanno is still manufacturing in Chico California.  This saw was a fast cutting saw used mosly in the trees for removing deadwood etc.   Today this type of work is done with a small gasoline power saw.

If you are a homeowner wanting a useful saw around the house this is a good one. The deep gullets allow for the saw dust to be removed with out clogging.

When new this saw cost $45.00  More photos to come of other Fanno hand saws
3521 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone: 704.618-6214


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