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Cankerworm Information for 2018 and 2019

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Archival Page

I have set up a page that deals with koi and water gardens.  I have posted photos and some other information here.

What I consider one of the more important links goes back to information that I accumulated and posted from 1998 onward.This information is on pages starting with the word Season

There are going to be some links that do not work,  however, the text information should be there like it was entered.  The links below seem to work.  For instance if you are looking up old files on cankerworm, click on the links below and then go to the information on cankerworms which is listed on the top of the page along with other hot buttons.

If you really are looking up information on Canker Worms try link Season3 first.

The information is not really in order.  Up until 1997 we posted the information is one long file.  Starting in 1998 we broke it down.  The links below are somewhat out of order and are archival.



Season2003  2003 and 2004

Season2  this page deals with hatching a few thousand koi fry in 2007 and losing most of them.

Season3 deals with record during 1998.


Season5  1998 and 1999

Season6  1999

Seasonal_archives       I am testing this page  nov 8, 2010 There are some errors

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