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What I plan to provide on this web site: or why would anyone want to come here for a visit?

 I am just your average normal person although I belong to a group called The Strange Men’s Group.  I have likes and dislikes, lots of hobbies and deal with serious stuff too. I believe that if something is of interest to me it is probably of interest to others.  Here is a quick rundown of my interest:  environmental issues, fly fishing and fly tyng, gardening, my family, and photography (not necessarily in that order).  Hope you stay a while.  email

There is Information about watergardens, koi ponds and my other outdoor interest.
There are many environmental issues which I find interesting, and there are areas where I have a special interest (click on About Us).  To find  your way on this site go to the blue sidebar to your left or click on Navigating Site.

An ongoing project on this site is following the progress of the fall cankerworm every year.  I have been doing that since Hurricane Hugo hit over 20 years ago. 

I closely follow the Fall Cankerworm problem in Charlotte. I will post almost daily during the fall and spring seasons.  If you wish to see that now, go directly to Cankerworm information 2014. (Edited updated year to current link.)  Winter is here and we are well into the cankerworm season.  This has been a big thing in Charlotte North Carolina.  Many people around the country follow this information.

On this first page we will always start with Today’s Topic.  This will read backwards like a typical Blog. If you want to see what happened several weeks or months ago, just scroll down to the appropriate date. I try to post to this about every two to three weeks.  

Photos at this time are (mostly Koi, waterlilies, and lotus),  Featured Dog (Blackjack)


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This web site has a great number of pages.  I suppose by some standards I have too many interest.  I consider myself rather observant about things, especially outdoors, and it seems to me when I find something interesting or unique, it’s good to report it.  If I am interested in the subject, then someone else might be also.

So getting back to the point, the left side bar pops out if you scroll over it, and if you studied the sidebar pop outs you probably could get an idea as to what is on the pages.  Maybe there is a better way.

The main fields of interest are Ponds and Watergardens, Japanese Koi, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying and Environmental Stuff.  I will elaborate below.  Under Environment there are many sections.  The pages affecting us locally from a practical standpoint is the section that deals with the Fall Cankerworm.  I have been keeping records here since Hurricane Hugo visited Charlotte in 1989.  One lady who lives in Canada said that I have more good information about cankerworms than any other site on the  Internet. .

Ponds and Watergardens
Japanese Koi
                  The Koi Page is directly under this and there are approximately 12 pages pertaining to Koi and several articles.  These articles are: The Beginners Pond Page, Pondbuilding, Pond Dechlorinating, The use of Potassium Permanganate to treat pond for certain diseases,  and Pond Winterization.  There is also an article about Harvesting Water which applies to both ponds and gardening and landscaping.


Fly Fishing is my main hobby, although I have had many different ones over the years ... sailboat racing, beekeeping, growing stuff (mostly vegetables), photography and a few that have faded and are no longer significant to me.

I have used the word Hobbies and listed under that Fly Fishing, Photography, and Gardening


The main themes I deal with are oil and gas exploration and the health concerns with Fracking.  and Fracking Fluid

The Tar Sands of Alberta and Mountain Top Removal are also subjects of interest to many people. Along the similar issues like the Keystone XL Pipe Line which will go from Alberta Canada to Texas, Gold mining and one close to home in Kershaw South Carolina called the Haile Gold mine.

I am afraid the general public knows little about these things and my goal is to help inform.

There are some excellent informative web sites that go into a lot of detail about these and other important issues.  Go to the highlighted links for more.

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