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     The business is under contract and everything must go

 You can contact me now by email ( if you have any questions.

The photos of the items that are on this page or those you see in the Tree and Landscape Page (see yellow Tabs on left side bar), will be for sale on   (finished)

The items listed on this page pertain to Pond Building, Irrigation Installation, and Landscaping.  However, toward the bottom of this list there are many articles that have been acquired over a lifetime.  Some came from Turkey where I lived in the 60’s.

Each photo has a four digit number by it.  The numbers are not necessarily in order..  I do not intend to sale any items prior to the sale with a few large or high dollar items that I have previously posted on line.  Those are items T0002A, 20002B, and T0005

I sold my primary business in 2007, however still have a great deal of equipment left over from the various types of business we did.  We have items that should appeal to the following:

Tree Service stuff
Aquatic Plants .. Lilies & Lotus
Pond Installers
Pond owners
Irrigation installers
Hobbiest and Collectors
Landscape Archtects

Generals Rules for Sale

Our address is:
McNeary's Arborist, Inc
3521 Monroe Road
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007 Savio Skimmer   New never used

This skimmer list for $625.00 ($300.00 NOW), and there are three choices for the Face Plate.  I have all three sizes so you take your pick.  Face plates are sold separately. 

Six inch weir is $20.00
Eight inch weir is $30.00
sixteen inch weir is $35.00

I posted information about the Savio skimmer several years ago.  Look Here for more details on this Savio filter.


008 Savio Pump  New never used, with manual etc.
retail $237.00, now $175.00.

savio pond master pump with brochure


009  Little Giant Pump Model ???  $25.00

Pump little Giant

This small pump works well for garden fountains.  We used it to transfer water to our 1800 gallon pond and also water lily containers.

0010 Little Giant Pond Pump  Model PMO-950  $100.00

pump pmo-950


0011  UV Light Housing  Silver Colored tube
UV light silver and Pondmaster aireator



0012 Pondmaster Aireator  Used but works great.


The Aireator is on the shelf 3/4 back on the Green Veggie Filter of the pond.  The grey rectangular box is the  power for the UV.  Note the bubbles from the Aeretor.


0013 Green Fiberglass Veggie Filter
I have two of these filters and they are made of very thick heavy duty fiberglass.  There is on name on the box itself but I think I might have the manufacturer’s name in my files.  These are referred to as gravity filters.

green filter tanks 2 ea


0014  Hudson Auto Fill Cutoff Valve  Retails $41.65
Selling now $18.00.  Three available

pond float switch


00015 Sequence Pump

0016 Working Pump used clean out water lilies from
their container.  January 29, 2018



0017 1 inch Flex PVC Tubing ... full roll never used but a little dusty.



0018 Carefree Pond Products  Bioseed for filters and ponds.




0019  Koi Sock Net (new)  from Pentar


A safe and easy way to move fish into a bag or Koi Bowl.

0020  Small nets of different sizes.   $15.00 each

nets three small


0021 Dimilin for treatment of Koi  A little old but might be good  Free


0022   Filter Brush ... have about a dozen  

Filter brush 14 in


0023  Cockney Koi Bottom Drain  These great drains
come in various sizes.  Go to this internal link for more
information and pricing  Cockney Koi Drains

kockney koi drain

Vanguard 9000 Watt Generator



Find letter on this generator  never used, covered with pond liner, runs on either gasoline or Propane.











0025   Tree feeding bits for liquid fertilization of Trees and Shrubbery  (I have 10 of these with carbide tips)


tree feeding bits


0026 UV light bulbs 40 in. for Rainbow and other UV units.   There are other brands for different size UVs.

UV bulbs rainbow

0027  Rainbird ESP Controller.  Old controllers are often good since they were just replaced by a larger controller.

esp 6 or 8 controller


0028 Note label in center of this container. Lerio was a company that built very durable tanks that were stand alone stock watering tanks and fish ponds.  The story I heard was that the company was bought out by a competitor and then quit making the larger containers.  Most of the ones I have are black in color. To my knowledge they are unavailable today anywhere.


0029  Fertilizer Spreader  Have 3 in various states of functionality

grass seeder


0030  Note live water lilies in this one.




red russian container blue


0031  Red Russian Lotus during growing season.







0032   Transit, tripod, poles, and carrying case used but good condition.



0033    Snake Away  supposedly used in Desert Storm to keep snake away out there in the desert at night.

snake away


0034 Kit fir boring different sized holes in plastic or hard
rubber tanks.  Create a water proof pipe fitting into the



0035  Koi Bowl  ... used to show Japanese Koi potential buyers or to view at Koi Shows.



0036 Suunto Increment Borer for Arborist of Foresters.
Like new used only several times.  Retail on this 12 inch borer is ??? The overall unit is longer but that is how deep
a bore you will get.


0037 Retro Bottom Drain  If you forgot to put a real bottom
drain in your pond, this is a good choice.



0038  BlackSmooth Stone for water gardens and fountains



0039  Excellent Lotus Growing container.  They don’t make
them like this any more.




0040 Another Lireo Container...This water lilie photo was
taken February 10 which shows how much growth is showing this early in the season.  This entire container is full of plants ready to be divided and sold.



0041  Regular old Bricks... There are about 100 around the
end of the building.  Load you own.



0042  Regular old Cinder Block ... maybe 50 of them.



0043  Radio Fence ... Never used, purpose is to keep your dog inside your yard.  Love the one in the middle reminds
me of Bear.



0044  Cast Iron outdoor chair



0046   Old fire extinguisher



0047  Pentair Koi Net with telescoping handle



0048  Three plant trays with drains.



0049  Various Jugs and Pots



0050  PS 10 Pump Sock  Keeps leaves and trash away from
the Pump intake.


0051  Hydralic Hose with fittings.



0052   Used Smoker  has all its parts.



0053  Roofing nails The weight is ??



0054  OTT Light Opened  New but not used.



0055  Manual Data Switch for computer



0056  Volt Meter  fairly old.



0057  Walnut Lumber  Photo coming this evening... February 19th.
This walnut was cut from family property (farm) 51 years ago. The lumber was
first kiln dried and then air dried in an attic for many years. Mack McSwain said at
the time it was the best looking walnut he has seen in 40 years.





0058  Radio Tower   Eighty feet tall if I remember
correctly.  One of our tree climbers put this sectional tower up in about an
hour.  We had bolts in the cement base and after bolting the first section, just handed them one at a time for him to bolt together.  We used a pully and rope to haul each
section up. They did weigh much.















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