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We show here various wood planes.  These three came from Ireland and were well used by local craftsmen.  In this case they were all used in boat yards and belonged to one man.  The other two planes will be posted later.


This plane has been well used.  It appears all the parts are here.  Hand grip is a little loose and is held in by a screw or two.  As you can see there are some places where the wood is knocked off.  I am not a collector of old planes, but since I doubt this one has much value, it could be sanded and sealed with linseed oil and made to be a very attractive and working piece of history. On the other hand if it is valuable, then the last thing you would want to do is redoing anything with it.

The plane weighs 4.25 pounds and is 17 x 3 x 3.  The handle sticks up above the plane an additional 4 inches.



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