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 from 42 years in business  It all has to go by the end of February

You can contact me now by email (, if you have any questions.

The photos of the items that are on this page (Tree and Landscape) or those you see in the Japanese Koi Pond and Watergarden page (see yellow Tabs on left side bar), will be for sale on February 24, 2018 and February 25, 2018.

I will be having a Tag Sale at our old business location at 3521 at Monroe Road.  The way that this will work is that the sale will be open on at 9:00 am until 2:00 pm Saturday February 24, 2018, and each item will have a price tag on it.  On Sunday, February 25, 2018, all items that did not sale previously will be for sold at reduced rates.  The Hours on Sunday will be from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The items listed on this page pertain to Tree Service and Landscaping.  However, toward the bottom of this list there are many articles that have been acquired over a lifetime.  Some came from Turkey where I lived in the 60’s.

Each photo has a four or five digit number by it.  The numbers are not necessarily in order.  I do not intend to sale any items prior to the sale with a few exceptions ... large or high dollar items that I have previously posted on line.  Those are items T0002A, T0002B, and T0005

I sold my primary business in 2007 however still have a great deal of equipment left over from the various types of business we did.  We have items that should appeal to the following:

Tree Service stuff
Aquatic Plants .. Lilies & Lotus
Pond Installers
Pond owners
Irrigation installers
Hobbiest and Collectors
Landscape Archtects

Generals Rules for Sale

Our address is:
McNeary's Arborist, Inc
3521 Monroe Road
Charlotte NC 28205

Email is


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Item T0001  Polan Power Saw  This is a big one.  The bar is 6 ft ???? long, and we bought this
new and used it when we had very large trees to remove.  Nothing was wrong with it when we hung
 it up on the wall so it probably will run.

Price $575.00   Sold



Item T0002A  and T000B Saw Mill blades  The larger blade came from an old 1922 Belsaw sawmill which we used  to cut construction stakes on rainy days.  We ran it off of an old 22 hp electric motor.  This blade measures 41 and has teeth that can be replaced.

The second blade to the right measures 38 inches diameter and really is an old one.  It came with an
old bellsaw from 1922, and has what are called swedged tooth blades in it. 

I also have the original swedging tool which I have not  gotten around to photographing yet, but is in my pocket now.

large smill blade is on left. $350.00                        Smaller blade is on the right.  $400.00 included swedging tool.      Both blades for $700.00.



Item T003  Fanno Tree Saw Model #        Retail $45.00    used here $25.00

   I have better photo with 5 saws together.




 Fanno Tree Saw   These were the best we could buy in the day.  Fanno is still manufacturing in

 Chico California.  This saw was a fast cutting saw used mostly used in the trees for removing dead
wood  etc.   Today this type of work is done with a small gasoline power saw.

If you are a homeowner wanting a useful saw around the house this is a good one. The deep
 gullets allow for the saw dust to be removed with out clogging. When new this saw cost
 $45.00  More photos to come of other Fanno hand saws

T0004     6 ??? inch Core Drill Diamond Tipped  $50.00



T0005 Smithco Skid mounted Spray rig 100 gallon.
We used this truck mounted spray rig for spraying for such things poison ivy and
 similar weeds. 


Side View  005



T005  Motor and Pump View



T0006 Craftsman Radial Arm Saw

craftsman saw


T0007  Increment Borer (read the growth rings of your trees)

   photo needed







I acquired the increment borer years ago, and it is hardly used. 
The company, Forestry Supply) still sells the same unit and I was surprised how much they cost.   $??.00 This one will go for a lot less.

Increment Borer good condition


T0008 Almost new rope 3/4 in, will measure



T0009  Welding Cable  These make great (better than you
can buy) Jumper Cables for your car or truck.



T0010  18-24-12 Lesco/John Deere Lawn Fertilizer



add new photo



T0011  Ryerson Steel Edging  Number of pieces and
length 16.25 ft  ??????



T0012  Threaded galvanized rod for use in cabling and Bracing
of Smaller trees such as Bradford Pear.



T0013 Miscellaneous PVC Fittings  Drainage and Irrigation








0015 Large PVC Diameter  6 Inch



T0016 Kearney Swedger Dies


These dies above are not necessarily the ones that go with this swedger.  Contact me for more
deatils if you are interested.


T0017  Kearney Swedger  used for swedging stainless fittings
on to Stainless cable, small sizes for rigging on sailboats and



T0018 Hand tied Flies by Tom Adams
If your a fly fisherman or woman, you will want to check this out.





T0019  Galvanized Plant Tray with drainage at low end.
There are four of these handy landscape trays





T0020  Tanglefoot  15 oz container for $8.00  Think it is 12 retail



T0020A Printer cabinet, printer on top, paper  beneath



T0021  Nice Terracotta Pot



T0022  Washed smooth river rock


These are great river rock.  I think they came from the great lakes area.  they make a good bed for a fountain.


T0023  Road Bike  $50.00 

bike 2


T0024  Antique Bike  $100.00  Dusty but dry Road Master bike
Uses in the early 50’s

old bike

This bike came from the 1960’s 

T0025  Antique telephones ... there are several of them.  This is one of the better ones.  I got these off a boat warf in Istanbul Turkey about 1963.

phone 4


T0026 Metal Folding Chairs ... There are a dozen or so just like this one.



T0027 Antique Fire Extinguisher

T0028  10 inch Craftsman Radial Arm Saw.

radial arm saw

Same Saw Below  T0047

craftsman saw


T0029  Roll of copperwire









T0031  Backflow Preventer Box to keep irrigation pipes from freezing


T0032  Back in the Day, Shoe Salesmen took their shoes around in a trunk like  this one.  Poll Parrot Shoes for Boys and Girls.
One of these sold on Ebay for $500.00.  On the right of the chest there is a weak image of a parrot.  That’s the one that sold for $500.00



T0033  Blue Stock Tank for water lilies measurments.  At the moment it is full of water lilies that need to be divided.  Want to help?  Might share some lilies for some help..... dirty job.



0034 This is a heated wax knife from cutting off bees wax in the process of extracting honey before the frame is inserted in the Extractor.



0035 Kockney Koi fittings for pond liners.



0036  Similar fittings for ponds where you might want to go
through the line with threaded PVC or pressure nozzle to Aerate
the pond water.



0037  Various Test Kits for Koi Ponds


0038  Sequence pump used but still works.


0039  We have several new and used but working pumps of this



0040  Folding Chairs ... a dozen or so.



0041  Red Russian Lotus



0041 Lotus Flower Red Russian




0042  Group of pots to sell individually






0044  Old Volt Meter


0045 Old Tool Box build 1920’s in shop class.






T0057 Antique Black Spring Chair.  Have Three of themm.  Very unique.









0060 Shovels etc.









0063   the end  march 3, 2018




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